If you are planning to go to Madrid in the next twelve months, sure it is worth it to participate in this Draw. If you are not planning it, but participate and win, you’ll have an strong (and relaxing) reason to plan your holidays or a short trip to Madrid.

If you are resident in UK, participate in this draw to win two gift-cards of Arab Bath and Relaxing Massage in Hammam Al Andalus Madrid.

Is is very easy to participate: you must first follow for at least one (or more) social networks:


Second, you must leave a comment at the end of this article in our blog answering the following question:

What do you do to relax?

(You will find the form at the bottom of the page. Your email address will never be shared in public, and we will need it to contact you in case you are the winner)

It is really easy!

You have until next October 27th. 2915 at 23: 59h.

Between all the valid answers, we will make a random draw (using sortea2.comto select the winner of the two gift-cards of Relaxing Bath and Massage Hammam Al Andalus Madrid cards.

If you win, we will notify you to the email provided, and you’ll have to answer before 24h. If not, the following answer will get the price.

Click here to check a PDF version of the RULES FOR HAMMAM AL ÁNDALUS MADRID DRAW 

Follow us and send your comments in this post… with a bit of luck you’ll be soaking peacefully in Madrid in a few months 🙂


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