Last Monday the jury of Andalusia Tourism Awards 2014 met, as every year, to distinguish a group of people, companies and institutions for their work to promote tourism in Andalusia. This year, among the winners is Hammam Al Andalus. It is a joy for all its staff. They thanks  all those friends, colleagues and clients who have supported them along their entire history.

Andalucía del Turismo Awards 2014 to Hammam Al Ándalus

For sure, Hammam Al Andalus have lots of reasons to deserve these awards. 100% Andalusian company, it has launched four Arab baths. Three in Andalucía, located in Granada, at the foot of the Alhambra. Cordoba, near the Mezquita-Catedral. And Malaga, in the town center, next to the Museum Thyssen. It also has other arab baths in the center in Madrid, a piece of Andalucía very close to Plaza Mayor.

Hammam Al Andalus has managed to recreate the atmosphere and feelings of those traditions. Always located in the historic center of their cities. True architectural, technological and experiential wonders. To show the visitor a part of who we were and what today we are.

Commitment to Environment

Another reason that make Hammam Al Andalus to deserve Andalusia Tourism Awards is their concern for the environment. The construction of the Arab baths in Málaga perfectly illustrates its commitment to sustainability, which has led them to Finland to optimize the use of renewable energy through geothermal technology, a unique example for this type of establishment where the necessary heat and cold for the baths is extracted from underground, reaching very high levels of energy efficiency.

Another point of the Andalusian company to deserve this award, is its close collaboration with regional and local tourism boards and tourism associations in the four cities where Hammam al Ándalus operates. Adding value and completing the destination offer in each place. It has established itself as a tourism ambassador for each of their cities. Producing significant and increasing benefits for them and for all industry players.

innovative management

The application of new information technologies has also led to a Hammam Al Andalus to investigate and improve the powerful communication and distribution channels involving mobile, Internet and Social Networks. One key to success is developing its own booking program, one of the competitive advantages that have allowed its excellence in managing and improving its ability to access customer and of course, to succeed in the global tourism market.

In the product of Hammam Al Andalus beats the heart of Andalusie. Every year thousands of tourists leave their facilities feeling closer to their roots and of themselves, understanding Andalusie in a way that could never have understood without feeling the experiences that this company has been able to design and develop in its 16 years of existence.

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