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What should I bring?

You only have to bring the swimsuit or bikini, the use of underwear is not possible. The entrance to the Hammam is barefoot and can bring pool shoes although its use is reserved for changing rooms. If you wish, you can buy some latex booties at the reception that will be worth to use them inside the Hammam.

What do we provide at the Hammam?

We provide you with a towel. In the locker rooms you have individual and closed lockers with a personal code to store your personal items and once the Hammam time is over, you have showers with gel, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer.

When will I receive the massage?

We will let you know when your time comes to move to the massage area by easily identifying yourself through the color code of your wristband.

Where are personal items stored?

We put at your disposal some lockers to store your personal belongings. These lockers are closed and locked with a 4-digit code that you create, to open it you will need to enter this PIN.
Además, nuestro personal estará disponible en cualquier momento para ayudar con cualquier incidencia que pudiera surgir y en el caso de un objeto olvidado dentro de nuestras instalaciones, haremos todo lo posible por custodiarlo hasta que vuelvas a recogerlo aunque no nos responsabilizamos de forma legal.


How can I book?

You can make the reservation in any of the following ways:
Through our website, by phone at +34 958 22 99 78, at the front desk.

What services can I choose?

In our MIYAH series, the main service to enjoy is the emerge (tour of the hot springs). In case you want to combine it with massage, the time of this could be 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes (MIMMA and MIDRA services).S

If, on the contrary, you want to be surprised, with our MISTIQ series you will be right and you will enter a time in which everything has been delicate and carefully prepared for you.
In addition, in our bazaar you can find a wide variety of gift items inspired by the Andalusian tradition.

How far in advance should I book?

It is necessary to book in advance since the places are limited. The time in advance varies according to the type of service booked, the day and time chosen and the number of people you are. We recommend you to reserve it 2 or 3 days in advance and extend this time in bank holidays.

Do I need to pay in advance?

If you make the reservation through our website or in advance at reception the payment is made at that time. We recommend both forms of reservation because when you arrive at Hammam, all you will think about is to start enjoying the experience as soon as possible.
On the other hand, if you make the reservation by phone or email we will ask you for a bank card number and its expiration date and you will have the option to pay the day of the reservation in cash or card.

What if I cannot go on the reserved date?

Our modification and cancellation policy is simple. Reservations can be canceled or modified up to 48 hours or more in advance of the agreed date and time, otherwise, the entire amount or the gift card will be lost if you already had it paid or the charge will be made for 100% of the reserved amount.
For MISTIQ services and groups of 10 or more people, the term of guarantee, cancellation or change will be 5 days before the agreed date.

Special rates

Check the website of the city you want to visit to get all the information regarding discounts for residents, students or seniors.


Is there any way to give some of Hammam Al Ándalus's services?

Yes, there are different ways to acquire our services in MIYAH series Gift Card format.
Through our website, the format you will receive will be an email from which you can download a PDF and print it if you wish.
At the Hammam reception you can also buy it and the format will be physical, with a card and an envelope.
Its use is valid in the Hammam in which it has been acquired and the price of the service does not appear nor a specific date of use.
Also, depending on the type of service or promotion you purchase, it can be valid for one or two people and valid for one year or for a specific period. In any case, it will always appear written on it when you receive it so you have no doubts when booking.
Finally, keep in mind that the total or partial refund of the card will not be refunded and that the loss of the gift card purchased at the reception will result in the loss of the enjoyment of the service.

Are there a special group rates?

Yes. There are a special groups rates with 10 or more people if your booking is made with more than 5 days in advance, otherwise no special rate will be applied. Please, contact our department of marketing.

How is hygiene guaranteed at the facility?

The facilities are cleaned on a daily and continuous basis. The inside of the Hammam is thoroughly cleaned every morning for several hours. The facilities are again cleaned and disinfected in between each session. The thermal spa water is constantly filtered with a filter system. Bromine rather than chlorine is used.El agua de las termas es tratada con bromo, producto que conserva su efectividad de desinfección hasta los 40 grados además de no desprender ningún tipo de olor ni irritar las mucosas y los ojos.El agua de las termas es tratada con bromo, producto que conserva su efectividad de desinfección hasta los 40 grados además de no desprender ningún tipo de olor ni irritar las mucosas y los ojos.

Can I have the room exclusively?

So that your Hammam Experience is what we seek for you, the host that is the person in charge of guiding you and helping you at any time, will always remain within the hammam even if the use is exclusive for a group.
Please, contact our department of marketing.

Who can become a Hammam Club member?

Any customer who has made a reservation with us through the direct means of reservation available (reception, telephone, online) as well as the purchase of gift cards. Bazaar items and reservations made through external collaborators do not accumulate points.

Can I choose if the massage therapist is male or female??

All our massage therapists are qualified to give you the best attention in your massage time. The only aspect that we cannot guarantee you in advance is the gender of the therapist since it depends on several factors within our organization.

I am pregnant, can I use Hammam?

Pregnant women can enjoy Hammam by taking some precautions such as avoiding the steam room and not making a contrast between hot and cold water.
On the other hand, the relaxing massage, performed by our professional massage therapists and subject to certain conditions, is indicated to activate the circulation. However, the traditional kessa is not advised. In any case, we recommend you to enquire the professional who is evaluating you to avoid undesirable situations.

Can I take pictures inside the Hammam?

To maintain the privacy of all customers who enjoy Hammam in a given time, the use of devices that make video or photos is not allowed.

Can I eat or drink inside the Hammam?

The drink you can drink inside the Hammam is the tea and water that we put at your disposal in the space dedicated to rest. In the case of food, it is not possible to eat inside unless provided by us.

Is there any nudist session?

We are sorry, but we do not currently have any nudist sessions. The use of swimwear is obligatory. You may bring your own or purchase on reception.

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