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Nature is a path which helps you to discover that what you were seeking on your journey was already within you.

From the need to stop and reset the lost link with ourselves through nature, our settings and their rituals take on meaning. Rituals which provide the state of calm and serenity necessary to connect with the inner you and gain greater knowledge of who you are. Pleasure and relaxation that, after caring for your body and awakening your senses, are the doors to inner equilibrium.

There is, in four cities, a garden of water and shadows, where it is possible to emerge safely from the daily bustle. Where it is possible to pursue the path within.


This is a journey that has already begun. It begins at the moment you realise that to know yourself and invest time in this pursuit is essential.


You have begun on the path which never ends but changes with you, with your essence connected to the natural cycle of things, to nature itself, and at each stop you make it its seasons you will learn something about yourself.

We want to be your hosts in this continuous and satisfying learning process, and help you to discover that what you were seeking on your journey was already within you.



Nature in autumn, with the falling leaves, shows us that it is the time for "shedding", removal of what which we do not want: stress, fears, worries...


A service suggesting you say goodbye to all that you no longer need, through a combination of sensations which foster a connection with nature and with oneself.
The Hammam changes with each season, so that we can experience it in a different way on every visit.

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Your inner nature