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At the Hammam, nature is apparent through the continuous journey of the seasons. Become a Hammam Traveller by completing a cycle of four seasonal services or acquiring the Hammam Traveller Pass and enjoying its advantages.

Advantages of being a Hammam traveller

Significant discounts on all seasonal and Miyah services (25%).
We will remind you of the key dates for the seasonal services so that none of them passes you by.
Preferential importance: We will notify you of new developments, special sessions and events we are holding at the Hammam.

Birthday Gift: You can enjoy a free emerge experience any day during the month of your birthday.
50% discount on Miyah services, during off-peak sessions, in any of the other Hammams in our brand.
You will have special privileges if you have completed a full four-season cycle in the four Hammams in our brand.
Automatic renewal of your privileges provided you have enjoyed the latest four seasonal services or are the holder of the Hammam Traveller Pass.


There are two ways to become a Hammam Traveller, so that you can enjoy the advantages:

By completing a cycle of four seasonal services

Or by purchasing the Hammam Traveller Pass

Completing a full cycle

We want you to flow with nature, its processes and transformations, which are constantly renewed to be alive and grow.

The Hammam is also transformed with each new season. The focus of this transformation is you. We are inviting you on a journey through the seasonal cycle, a journey on which you will discover that which is within you.

With each cycle, we want to climb another step with you and delve deeper into your desires and aspirations. When you have completed four consecutive seasonal services, you will have become a Hammam Traveller.

With the Hammam Traveller Pass

Taking on the commitment to making the full Hammam Journey using the Hammam Traveller Pass will automatically grant you all the advantages that are awaiting you at the end of the first annual cycle.

Through this annual pass you will be able to bring forward your privileges as a Hammam Traveller to the start of your journey, and allow us to be a little closer to you.

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