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Helysia - The Hammam Al Ándalus Token for Integral Health

The Hammam Al Ándalus Token for Integral Health

Helysia came about in the light of Helios, the sun that shines on us from those mythical Elysian Fields where the light of warmth of its rays bathe the paradise of those fortunate enough to have been called to live in happy, healthy, balanced fulfilment. Helysia evokes light, and with it also health. A natural health, characteristic of our radiant, fertile Mediterranean culture.  

Powerful influences, including Greek, Roman and Andalusian, with contemporary additions, inspire an experience that today is open to everyone. Everyone is looking forward to a personal life filled with health and balance, a life in communion, in harmony with others and with the planet we all share and that we all wish to look after.



Helysia was born through the mission of Hammam Al Ándalus to increasingly bring its triple commitment to integrated Health, personal health for mind, body and soul, collective and social health, health for the planet we share. Integrated health which is essential in contributing to a new, better world, more sustainable and more human.

Helysia gives a name to the Community of those sympathising with the vision and commitment of Hammam Al Ándalus which, now more than ever, are concerned about their own health, and that of their loved ones and the planet. Helysia is the culture of a prosperous community, supported by the promotion and exchange of experiences regarding integrated Health.



Helysia is an investment in Hammam Al Ándalus Knowledge and Innovation, with very clear aims:

Support us in the Science+Innovation relationship in order to qualify the Hammam Al Ándalus project and all its proposals and services with the scientific and technical development of integrated health:

  • Developing the scientific basis of health improvement implied by our services and habits.
  • Improving intrinsic health and the sustainability of our environments: air, water, spaces, interrelationships.
  • Researching and innovating our services which are supported through the healthy habits of our customers.
  • Improving and extending our centres, from a rigorous scientific and technical basis, applied responsibly.
  • Helysia provides the user with the benefits and advantages associated with our services. Helysia can be used to obtain Hammam Al Ándalus services now or in the future, and allows access to special or limited services or offers.
  • Helysia will provide an efficient way for digital access to our Hammam Al Ándalus services and the creation of new digital services which take the sensory experience of our centres to an innovative virtual experience which is both surprising and exciting.
  • Helysia opens up Hammam Al Ándalus business decisions to the open participation of its investors. With the constant aim of satisfying the desires and concerns of the Community which those decisions could benefit.


Helysia is also the name of the Community’s Token. The vehicle to participate, exchange and strengthen the Community which believes in open technology as a necessary means to connect each other more and better when sharing our common interests.

Token Helysya -walle


In order to acquire Helysia tokens all you have to do is have the public key to your wallet (cryptocurrency wallet) in which to deposit them. If you are not yet registered, we will ask you for your identification data and the public key, and you will be able to purchase them with ease. Click on the following button to begin your purchase:

Purchasing HELYSIA with Euros

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