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On entering Hammam Al Ándalus you leave behind that worldly noise. You will hear the gentle sound of water and the barely audible whisper of friendly voices. Silence is an essential part of the pleasure of the experience. A gift you will value as much as we do. Help us to cultivate and protect it.


Here you can enjoy a complete experience within the margins of the reserved time. Its duration is 90 minutes, including the time for the massage.
We ask for punctuality when arriving and leaving your Hammam experience, as once your period has begun, lost time cannot be made up.


You can move around freely at your own pace through the various areas within the Arab Baths.
We will tell you when it is your time to go through to the massage area, as you can be easily identified by the colour code of your wristband.


Whether you come alone or as a group of friends or family, taking into account that the Hammam is mixed implies full respect for the calm and space of other visitors to the Hammam. Calm and serenity that you will be the first to appreciate and enjoy.


Our rules are few and simple to follow.

Your inner nature

Debido a la crisis por la pandemia del COVID-19 y a las medidas extraordinarias tomadas por las autoridades locales y nacionales, todos nuestros centros permanecerán temporalmente cerrados y nuestra web no aceptará reservas hasta pasado el periodo de precaución decretado.

Te pedimos disculpas por las molestias que te pueda ocasionar y estaremos a tu disposición en el email reservas@hammamalandalus.com por cualquier duda que pudiera surgir.

Esperamos volver pronto a ser refugio y fuente de bienestar para todos nuestros viajeros cuando pase esta complicada situación.
Mientras tanto, cuídate bien y cuida bien de los demás.

¡Hasta pronto!